Apple is not going to open up free access to the Apple Music service

At a recent meeting hosted by British officials who have been investigating the plight of musicians and production companies in the pandemic since last year, Apple Music spokesperson Elena Segal spoke. The top executive said that her music service did not plan and does not plan to provide users with free access to music for listening to ads.

“We do not believe that such an advertising model is capable of generating sufficient revenue to support the platform’s proper development. In addition, it is contrary to our basic understanding of the protection of personal data, ”- said Segal. The top manager also emphasized that it was always difficult for Apple to compete with companies that promote free services with advertising – users are always tempted to choose such a platform.

In addition, the representative of Apple Music drew attention to the fact that her company “pays artists more than other services.”

It is not yet known if Apple is going to create an additional premium subscription following the example of Tidal and Deezer. By the way, it was recently revealed that Spotify is also going to launch premium lossless streaming in some countries.

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