Spotify will launch lossless broadcasts in some countries this year

Spotify Hi-Fi came up in the FAQ today, and Spotify today announced at the Stream On conference that they will be launching lossless streaming this year.

Spotify HiFi promises to broadcast in “CD quality” on smartphones and audio systems that support Spotify Connect, allowing fans to “enjoy their favorite music with greater depth and clarity.” In 2017, Spotify already tested the HiFi version, but delayed its launch for a while.

Spotify is also partnering with “some of the biggest speakers in the industry” to promote its HiFi subscription to get as many people as possible to access the service. However, so far, Spotify representatives have not announced in which markets the HiFi version will work in the first place, limiting itself to the vague “in some countries.”

There is no information yet on how much a Spotify HiFi subscription will cost. By comparison, in 2017, Spotify was thought to ask for a lossless subscription of about $ 17.5 in the US. However, there are now, for example, Amazon Music HD, which costs $ 15, which may cause Spotify to rethink its pricing.

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