Innuos PhoenixNET: Network Switch for audiophiles

The Portuguese company Innuos has unveiled the PhoenixNET audiophile network switch. This compact single-input, three-output RJ45 device is designed to distribute network connections for audio transmission.

First of all, in order to reduce its own noise, PhoenixNET has removed all unnecessary things, the 100 Mbit/s network switch microcircuits operate on the basis of linear power supplies.

Innuos PhoenixNET

Each network connector is electrically isolated and has its own shielding. Even the signal LEDs have been removed from the Amphenol RJ45 connectors. We also added power filters and EMI protection.

To improve clock accuracy, PhoenixNET has an OCXO generator from the flagship Statement server / streamer. It is powered by its own line source, which runs the CX modules and Mundorf vessels. Another similar power supply is connected directly to the network switch chip. Both power supplies are also borrowed from the Statement model.

Innuos PhoenixNET

In PhoenixNET, vibration control is handled by CNC-machined aluminum legs with filler tuned to the resonant frequency of the housing. Its top cover is additionally vibration-insulated, and vibration-proof silicone rings are installed in the mount of the RJ45 connectors.

The recommended retail price for PhoenixNET is already known – in Europe it will be 2,749 euros.

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