Rois Acoustics Minoas MK II dipole floor speakers receive updated woofers

Pantelis Argyropoulos from Rois Acoustics presented the Minoas MK II floorstanding speakers – the second version of acoustics that we already talked about several years ago. The housings of these dipole speakers remain virtually unchanged. They differ from the original version of Minoas MK II, first of all, in the design of low-frequency drivers.

Rois Acoustics Minoas MK II

First of all, the developers have abandoned rubber external suspensions. In addition, the Kevlar diffusers have been replaced with cellulose. The five-wave external suspension is molded this time as an extension of the diffuser itself. The size of the dust cap has also been reduced.

The use of a classic broadband with a “horn” and a bullet-shaped “central body” allowed to lower the frequency of the crossover to the lower region of the vocal range. A crossover with a minimal amount of detail is still responsible for matching the low-frequency and mid-frequency section.

Rois Acoustics Minoas MK II

The result of this effort is a 10-ohm system with a sensitivity of 96 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m.As noted by Rois Acoustics, powered by a 10-watt amplifier, Minoas MK II will deliver the same loudness as conventional 8-ohm 86 dB speakers connected to a 100-watt amplifier. It is also noted that 40kg high impedance dipoles should be especially good with low power tube amplifiers.

On the example of the previous version, it is known that the price of this acoustics depends on the chosen finishing option – moreover, Rois Acoustics tries not to limit their customers in their choice. However, the base price of the Minoas MK II has not yet been announced.

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