LG HBS-FN7 Tone Free: Active Noise Cancellation & UVnano Status Indicator

The HBS-FN7 headphones join LG’s Tone Free range. Like its predecessor, the LG HBS-FN6, the new model has received a UVnano charging case. He disinfects the headphones with ultraviolet light every time. This time the case received an indication of this process – you can see when the disinfection treatment is completed.

According to the company, the ultraviolet light in the case kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria E. coli (E. coli) and S. aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) on the surface of LG HBS-FN7. The earbuds feature adjustable earbuds with a patented Vortex Ribs twist-fit design.

LG HBS-FN7 Tone Free

Another difference between the HBS-FN7 is active noise cancellation. Three microphones track ambient noise for an efficient ANC system. As in the 6th model, the HBS-FN7 received drivers with a double-layer 6 mm diaphragm. All Tone Free models feature sound processing technology from Meridian Audio.

It recreates accurate natural sounding. Equalizer settings – Natural, Immersive and Bass Boost – can be selected in the LG TONE Free app, which also works for Android, iOS.

LG HBS-FN7 Tone Free

Headphones LG TONE Free FN7 are already available in South Korea, while in the rest of the world they will appear before the end of the year. The cost has not yet been announced.