Bassocontinuo Aeroline rack: modular design and stainless steel

The Bassocontinuo catalog of Hi-Fi accessories has been expanded with a line of audio stands called Aeroline. The slogan of the novelty is “Form follows function”. The company promised clean design lines from Marco Acerbis combined with high-tech materials.

Aeroline’s modular struts use CFRP, ceramic, marble and brushed stainless steel. In particular, Aeroline vertical elements are made of steel cylinders with a diameter of 5 cm. They are connected to each other by adapters made of carbon fiber, which also dampens the entire structure.

Bassocontinuo Aeroline rack

The modular principle allows the assembly of Aeroline components into racks of a wide variety of configurations. Ready-made options can be upgraded later by purchasing the missing parts.

Aeroline racks transfer their weight to the floor surface through stainless steel hemispheres mounted on grooved stands. The height of the support is adjusted in a threaded joint, which must then be fixed (locked) with a stabilizing washer.

The cost of the Bassocontinuo Aeroline kits has not yet been published.

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