Acoustic Signature Neo Series tonearms: six 9 and 12 inch models in different finishes and configurations

The German company Acoustic Signature has released a series of Neo tonearms in the classic scheme. The first model of the series — TA-7000 Neo — was released 1.5 years ago. Then it was supplemented by the senior, flagship tonearm of the series — TA-9000 Neo — and three younger ones with indexes of 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000. In addition to the tonearms, a number of Acoustic Signature vinyl players also received the Neo designation.

All Neo tonearms are equipped with high precision pre-loaded ball bearings with minimal backlash, a stainless steel axle and a brass counterweight. The internal wiring in the three older models is made of 4N silver, in the rest-copper, in a tube made of double-layer carbon fiber.

Acoustic Signature Neo Series tonearms

In the older models, the tubes are made in different ways: in the TA-5000 Neo it is a three-layer carbon fiber, in the 7000th tube is printed on a 3D printer, and in the flagship TA-9000 Neo it is a multi-structure with an aluminum base. Acoustic Signature Neo tonearms are available in 9 and 12 inch lengths, in various configurations, connection, installation, and surface finishes.

Acoustic Signature Neo Series tonearms

In the basic version, the junior model TA-500 Neo will be costs about $1,700, and the 12inch flagship TA-9000 Neo will cost about $30,000.

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