Denon introduced the compact stereo system CEOL N11 DAB

Denon introduced the CEOL N11 DAB, a compact three-part all-in-one system. CEOL is a sub-brand of Denon, under which its modern multifunctional audio components are produced. The minimalistic device consists of a head unit and a pair of optional two-way speakers. It is immediately ready to interact with the TV thanks to a specialized optical input that turns the device on from standby mode when a signal appears. In this case, the remote control is able to “learn” commands from the TV remote.

In addition, the device has a DAB+/DAB and FM tuner, supplemented by Bluetooth and the presence of two optical digital and one analog audio input. There are also network connectivity — both cable and Wi-Fi.

They will allow CEOL N11 DAB to play music coming from a PC or Mac, smartphone or tablet, NAS (Network Attached Storage), or the Internet. In the latter case, the new product is ready to interact with Internet radio, receiving streaming audio from Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora and other sources.

The proprietary HEOS device system will provide multiroom operation and music streaming along with AirPlay 2. Voice control options include Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s help and Apple’s Siri. USB USB den Denon CEOL N11 DAB MP3 MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV DS DSD.

Information about the device status, as well as the clock, is displayed on a three-line OLED display. There is also a sleep timer that can be programmed for single and daily activation. The sound quality is provided by an onboard amplifier that produces 2 x 65 W of power. The Denon CEOL N11 DAB is scheduled to start selling in black, grey or white in August at a price of 530 euro, and the recommended Denon SC-N10 speakers will cost an additional 100 euro.