Surround sound update for Apple AirPods (2 Gen) and Pro

Apple AirPods second generation and Pro wireless earbuds can now upgrade to emulate surround sound. If you enable this function, the algorithm uses the accelerometers built into the headphones and smartphone / tablet to detect head movement and source position and adjust the sound so that its source does not change position with any changes in head position.

Our colleagues at DTF have already tested this function and concluded that it works as stated: when you turn your head, the sound still comes from a smartphone, and the effect persists even if you put the smartphone behind your head or lift it up. And even if the algorithm gets confused, after a while it is automatically calibrated again and starts working as it should.

Also, after the update, the headphones were able to automatically quickly switch between different sources from the list of Apple devices. This feature is only available on iOS 14 and sources with macOS Big Sur, but surround sound can also be enjoyed with iOS 13.

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