Mytek Digital Empire: 2-way Roon Core server, DAC and preamp with built-in phono stage

The Empire network player at Mytek Digital was designed as a multifunctional device. In addition to the capabilities of a network player, it will receive the functionality of a Roon Core server, a DAC, a headphone amplifier, a preamplifier and an MM / MS phono stage.

The Mytek Digital team led by CEO Mikhail Yurevich had to solve the expected problem in the form of severe crosstalk. In addition, the novelty managed to do with only passive cooling. For a model that the creators positioned as an ultra high end, the noise of cooling coolers would be unacceptable. Empire will receive two processors, one of which is completely given to Roon Core.

Mytek Digital Empire

On the second processor, Mytek OS will be deployed, providing data exchange with external devices. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet are provided. Cable outputs include digital coaxial, AES / EBU, TOSLINK, USB2, and 8-channel HDMI. Inputs: coaxial AES / EBU, TOSLINK and 2ch HDMI. Also, the second processor will be responsible for the touch display. This display device is the size of the iPhone screen and will have an increased vertical viewing angle.

The Empire’s onboard DAC will be powered by a pair of ESS 9038PRO microcircuits in a dual mono configuration – up to power from separate toroidal transformers. DAC has 130dB dynamic range, PCM up to 32bit / 768kHz, DSD512, MQA and DSD upsampling. Empire Linear PSUs use toroidal transformers to automatically switch between 100, 120 and 240 ac line voltages Q.

The novelty will be equipped with a balanced headphone amplifier with a high current output. In addition, it includes an MM / MS transformer-type phono stage. The built-in 8TB SSD is intended for the music library – it can be supplemented by an external hard drive. The company plans to update the Mytek OS and has already announced the upcoming releases – a three-phase increase in the functionality of Empire is planned.

The first software updates will include digital filter settings, a fully balanced on-board pre-amp and MM / MS phono pre-amplifier functionality, followed by processing of the two analog inputs to the DSP. In addition, there are several plugins planned for Mytek OS. Among them: room correction, crossfeed for headphones and de-clicker for vinyl. The Empire is slated to go on sale next year, with no date yet. The estimated retail price of the novelty will be 22000$.

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