WE Audio Systems Perpetuum Ebner 7070: two-module table and direct drive

The German company WE Audio Systems, has presented a new high-end model Perpetuum Ebner 7070 with direct drive.

The turntable table is made of two 50mm thick MDF blocks. One part is reserved for the disc, the other for the tonearm. From below, the structure was reinforced with a steel plate and damped with bitumen.

Each of the two blocks can be individually adjusted in height using special screws with springs. For convenience, the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of dividing the player into two modules. When assembled, the chassis rests on three massive adjustable legs.

WE Audio Systems Perpetuum Ebner 7070

Special motors

WE Audio Systems noted that the 7070 model is distinguished not only by a high-quality base, but also by an accurate German-made motor. The company also focused on the control system, which is responsible for the stable operation of the motor. The turntable was equipped with two speeds: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm. The external module that comes with the kit is responsible for the power supply.

Aluminum disc with internal bitumen damper

Among other things, WE Audio Systems highlighted an aluminum 24mm disc with an internal bitumen damper and a 9-inch PE TO 2018 carbon fiber fixed shell tonearm. Connection is realized through Cinch connectors for unbalanced signal, and for balanced connection it is possible to use XLR.

As for the head, the basic version of the Perpetuum Ebner 7070 comes without it. At the request of the customer, the manufacturer can equip the turntable with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC-cartridge or EMT HSD 006.

Almost all the accessories you need are included with the turntable, including a protective cover, wires and gloves.

WE Audio Systems Perpetuum Ebner 7070

In Germany, the Perpetuum Ebner 7070 will appear in early 2022 at a price of 7,500 euros (without cartridge).

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