Melco EX streamers will receive Roon functionality

Melco EX streamers (referred to as digital music libraries by the company) have a firmware update available to make them compatible with Roon. We have already talked about these devices earlier. As promised by the company late last year, they received software updates in May.

The next firmware, version 4.04, is already available on the Melco Audio website. It contains exclusively updates required for Roon to work (Roon Ready mode). Melco EX streamers will receive Roon endpoint functionality. Work as a “core” or “server” (Roon core, Roon server) is not provided.

Owners of Melco EX devices will also be able to access the Roon core volume control. In this case, DSP level change is used using the built-in 64-bit Roon PCM audio processing. So this will require the playback mode to be set to “DSD as PCM”.

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