Arcam and JBL models received Roon Ready certificates

The Arcam and JBL Synthesis brands, which belong to the Harman concern, announced the Roon certification of their models. After Roon tightened its new device certification policy in September, the procedure is stricter. The Roon Tested certificate, in addition to compatibility with the software and the Roon ecosystem, means that it works correctly with USB, HDMI, AirPlay, Google Cast and other technologies.

Among the models that have joined the Roon family of Arcam models are five devices. These are three AVR10, AVR20, AVR30 receivers and an AV40 AV processor. In addition, the Arcam SA30 integrated amplifier received the Roon Ready status.

Two models received the Roon Ready and Roon Tested status from JBL Synthesis: the SDP-55 AV processor and the SDR-35 AV receiver.

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