Buchardt Audio I150 amplifier: NCore power supplies, DAC from ESS, Bluetooth module and analog volume control

Danish firm Buchardt Audio has unveiled its first integrated amplifier, the I150. The novelty works in the D-class, but is characterized by the manufacturer as an example of “digital art with an analog heart.” The digital and analog parts in the I150 are already separated at the power supply level. For the second, a linear unit is used, assembled on the basis of a toroidal transformer. The digital part is powered by a separate source.

Buchardt Audio I150

A quad-core 64-bit DSP in the amplifier provides room correction. There is also a signal calibration for branded passive acoustics – for example, S400. DSP processes the signal from a single line analog input (from a DAC based on the ES9028PRO chipset) or receives it via Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD and ACC support.

Buchardt Audio I150

An analog volume control was installed in the system – it is argued that such a solution allowed maintaining the dynamic range. In addition, Buchardt says the new product works well with Hypex NCore power amplifiers. With a maximum power of 300 watts per channel on 4-ohm speakers, the Buchardt Audio I150 claims a signal-to-noise ratio of 121 dB.

The amplifier is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2021 at a price of 2,500 euro. At the same time, owners of Buchardt Audio passive acoustics will be able to get the I150 amplifier at a 700 euro discount.