The JBL Synthesis SCL line has been supplemented with SCL-1 acoustics and SSW-1 subwoofer

SCL-1 built-in speakers became the flagship of the JBL Synthesis SCL line. It was supplemented by the SSW-1 subwoofer. They were presented at the Harman virtual explore event. Both new products are designed for large-scale multichannel systems and are designed for use primarily with SDA amplifiers, which we wrote about a year ago-under the control of the SDP-75 surround sound processor.

The SCL-1 speaker is optimized for correct sound due to the projection screen. The D2430K 3-inch dual-aperture compression driver, mounted in a High-Definition Imaging (HDITM) horn, is responsible for the upper-frequency range. It is complemented by a pair of 12-inch C4 basses with carbon-cellulose composite diffusers, which work in the patented C-BAS complementary bass alignment system.

The SCL-1 body is made of MDF, reinforced with metal fasteners and supplemented with a fabric grill in a steel frame with magnetic clips. Adjusting the level of high frequencies and choosing the type of connection (general, in-band, including bypassing the built-in crossover) will allow you to use different signal options for the SCL-1, including the use of external electronic crossovers.

The SSW-1 subwoofer was designed to complement the SCL-1 speakers. A pair of its 15-inch woofers with a maximum diffuser stroke of up to 10 cm received cast frames, composite diffusers and large 6-inch sound coils.

The body of this sub with walls 2.5 cm thick is equipped with a powerful system of internal struts. As a result, SSW-1 weighs about one and a half hundredweight. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Using a pair of forward-facing Slipstream phase inverters, the novelty provides a low-frequency limit of 13 Hz with a maximum power of 5 kW.

The SSW-1 subwoofer will be available in March 2021 at a price of $ 7,500. Information about the start date of sales and the cost of SCL-1 speakers is not yet available.

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