The JBL Synthesis SCL series has been expanded with four architectural models: ceiling SCL-5 and SCL-8 and wall-mounted SCL-6 and SCL-7

The JBL Synthesis SCL range includes four models of built-in speakers: round ceiling SCL-5 and SCL-8 and rectangular SCL-6 and SCL-7, designed for wall mounting.

As stated, these models are in tune with each other and go well with the proprietary SDP-75 surround sound processor and SDA amplifiers. Models with indexes 6, 7 and 8 are also recommended for working with the 16-channel SDP-55 processor and the SDR-35 AV receiver, which were presented at ISE 2020.

The JBL 2410H-2 inch compression high-frequency receiver (in the SCL-5 model, a similar 2409H driver is installed in its place) is supplemented in each of the new products with a High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn unit, which is one with the front wall.

Compression low frequencies received black diffusers Advanced Aluminum Matrix (in the ceiling column SCL-5 is Advanced Aluminum Cone). At the same time, low-frequency speakers work through special cutouts that provide a wide directional pattern necessary for the acoustics of spatial sound.

JBL Synthesis SCL series

The SCL-5 ceiling mount is equipped with a 7-inch woofer. Its younger version, the SCL-8, has a 5.25-inch bass unit. The same emitters work in wall-mounted models SCL-6 and SCL-7. In the first case, there are four of them-in a 2.5-band scheme.

The SCL-7 dual-band speaker has two similar 5.25 – inch low-to-mid-range drivers. Each of the four built-in speakers has a patented Cat Claw mounting mechanism and gold-plated speaker cable terminals.

All four models will go on sale in February. Their prices in the US: SCL-5 — 2 000 dollars, SCL-6 — 1 500 SCL-7 and SCL-8 are $1,000 apiece.

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