DD ddHiFi Lightning-Jack Adapters Receive Surgical Stainless Steel Housings

DD ddhifi, a brand of mobile audio accessories owned by DD Electronics Technology, has introduced cute Lightning-TRS adapters. These miniature gizmos will allow you to comfort the owners of Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), who have lost round holes where you could insert the headphone plug.

The Lightning-Jack ddhifi headphone adapters are available in two versions: TC35I for a 3.5 mm jack and TC25I for a 2.5 mm plug. DD promised full compatibility with Lightning connectors installed in Apple gadgets.

DD ddHiFi Lightning-Jack Adapters

In addition, the same case material is common with Apple products. According to the manufacturer, it is an austenitic 316 alloy, a surgical stainless steel that creates the right “metallic feel”.

The cost of the DD ddhifi adapter in both versions was $40.

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