Jadis has released the I-70 tube integrated amplifier on four Tung-Sol KT170 tetrodes

French high-end tube amplifier company Jadis has announced an integrated I-70 model.

According to the press release, the uniqueness of the novelty is that it is based on the recently appeared KT170 tubes, which Tung-Sol developed specifically for the high-end amplifier stage. This is the most powerful lamp in the KT series – a beam tetrode with an allowable power dissipation at the anode of 85 W. These lamps feature massive pear-shaped bulbs and large anodes.

Jadis I-70 tube integrated amplifier

The lamps of the push-pull output stage (one pair per channel) operate in ultra-linear mode with automatic bias and in pure class A, giving 60 watts per channel to the load. The amplifier circuit is made in a “dual mono” architecture.

A double set of output terminals will allow you to connect speakers using the bi-wiring method.

The power transformer received separate windings for powering not only individual channels, but also separate stages in each channel (preliminary, driver and terminal). The filament voltage is stabilized.

Jadis I-70 tube integrated amplifier

The input stage of the amplifier, which has five linear unbalanced inputs, and the driver stage are made on ECC82 and ECC83 finger triodes.

The amplifier is equipped with a remote control. The cost of the Jadis I-70 amplifier was 13,950 euros.

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