Final Audio Released Fully Wireless EVA 2020 Headphones In The Neon Genesis Evangelion Style

In the Final Audio catalog, the unique fully wireless EVA 2020 headphones have appeared. The design of the models is inspired by the combat biorobots from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion – models Unit-01, Unit-02 and Mark.06.

From the original anime, the headphones inherited not only the design, but also the voice of the notification system: all commands are voiced by Miki Nagasawa, who in the original anime was assigned the role of operator Maya Ibuki – and phrases were specially recorded for the headphones in both English and Japanese.

The three models differ from each other only in color, their characteristics are the same. These are completely wireless headphones that support not only AAC and SBC, but also aptX. The new products have a large rounded case with a solid battery: together with it, the headphones will work up to 63 hours, and one charge will last for nine hours of operation (but with the aptX codec – only six).

Final Audio claims that most fully wireless models digitally correct the sound, making the sound tiring. In their development, they tried to avoid this effect and therefore carefully approached the design of the headphone housing, striving to achieve a balanced sound without overdosing the bass and without using software equalization. As a result, as stated in the description, the developers managed to find a balance between high resolution, clear vocals and powerful lows.

For this model, we had to develop new ear pads – those that will not cause discomfort from prolonged wear. The set includes five pairs of different sizes. For control, there are buttons on the outside of the headphones.

In the US, headphones from the EVA 2020 series will cost $249.