Mobile Fidelity Releases Ultra Low Noise Feet Anti-Vibration Mounts for Three Load Options

Mobile Fidelity has released Ultra Low Noise Feet props. According to the manufacturer, the latest development, created in partnership with Harmonic Resolution, will provide “significant vibration control and noise reduction for any component under which they are located.”

Other similar devices are often “picky” for the type of device (for example, you can use a DAC or amplifiers, but you cannot install under speakers or vinyl players). New items, on the other hand, are quite universal. Mobile Fidelity has recommended them for every component, including bookshelf speakers. True, heavy floor-standing speakers are still not mentioned in the list of features.

Mobile Fidelity Ultra Low Noise Feet

Outside, Ultra Low Noise Feet are 4cm black coated aluminum cylinders made on a lathe. The company did not tell about the internal structure of new products. It is suggested to just put the component on these legs – and listen.

ULNF poles are rated in three “weight categories” and are labeled ULNF8-16, ULNF16-24 and ULNF24-32. The numbers at the end indicate the total load limits for which the four legs are designed in pounds. In kilograms, the resulting limits are 3.6-7.2, 7.2-10.9 and 10.9-14.5.

Mobile Fidelity Ultra Low Noise Feet

The Ultra Low Noise Feet props in the UK were priced at £200 for a set of four.