The appearance of yet unannounced full-size Apple headphones was identified by the icon in iOS 14

It has been known for a long time that Apple plans to release full-size headphones. Initially, the release was scheduled for this year, but it was postponed – according to recent rumors, not only the pandemic is to blame, but also the design changes.

So, in October it became known that the headphones lost their removable headband pads, which would allow the owner to customize their appearance in accordance with the feeling of beauty – only removable ear pads remained. Moreover, the headband itself turned out to be too tight – and the design had to be modified.

full-size Apple headphones

Some confirmation of the design changes was received by enthusiasts from 9to5Mac, who unearthed a new icon of full-size headphones in the code of the beta version of the iOS 14.3 operating system. It fits well with Bloomberg’s description published in the spring: “Retro-styled model with hinged oval cups attached to the headband with thin metal tubes”.

In the earlier beta version of iOS14, the full-size headphone icon was different, more bit-like. Its change may hint at the imminent release of headphones – for example, they learned about AirPods Pro just from the files of the new operating system.

If you believe the rumors, the headphones will receive sensors that determine whether the headphones are wearing or not, and a system that will automatically determine in which ear which channel will sound (apparently, the headphones will be symmetrical and without marking the right-left channels).