M2Tech Young MkIV DAC/Preamp: Supports 768 kHz PCM, MQA on all inputs, and headphone jack

The Young MkIV preamp/DAC was created on the basis of M2Tech’s already manufactured devices. The manufacturer said that the new model not only brought the quality to a new level, but also allowed to implement several additional useful functions.

First of all, M2Tech noted the Asahi-Kasei AK4497 chip, which is capable of quality up to 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and DSD512. Also, the manufacturer has allocated an I2S input, through which the user can connect a compatible digital source (PS Audio standard). The company also turned its attention to Bluetooth aptX and analog inputs. In addition, there is also a headphone output (class AB), which also became an “additional useful feature”.

M2Tech Young MkIV

You can connect the new DAC / preamp to both the active speakers and the power source via balanced or unbalanced connectors. There is a function of doubling the output voltage, with which the Young MkIV is able to output a signal with a span of up to 10 V on the balanced and 5 V on the unbalanced output. The original M2Tech circuitry is used in the power supply circuits and in the analog part of the device. The result is a level of non-linear distortion and self-noise of 0.0008%.

A separate emphasis was placed on MQA: any of the digital inputs can now cope with this format. According to M2Tech, the engineers tried to make the decoding system as accurate and high-quality as possible. Separate digital-to-analog volume control is provided for each input.

M2Tech Young MkIV

On the front panel of the novelty there is an information display, a headphone jack and a volume control knob. You can manage and configure the DAC via a proprietary mobile app.

In the European market, the approximate cost of the Young MkIV was 2,200 euros.

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