In-akustik AC-1204 Air Power Cables Released in MKII Version with Redesigned Connectors

The German cable company In-akustik has introduced an updated AC-1204 Air MKII network cable. In the original version, it appeared last fall. The main feature of the AC-1204 Air was the use of an air dielectric. Individual isolated conductors are separated from each other in a complex spatial structure. For this purpose, a system of plastic guides was used.

The result was the intersection and mutual neutralization of the magnetic fields of the conductors. To protect against tip-offs, the novelty received a solid braided screen made of tinned copper cores. It is important that in the MKII version, the principle of the air dielectric is fully continued in the plugs of the updated design. Among them, there was also a US NEMA connector.

In-akustik AC-1204 Air Power Cables MKII Version

In-akustik products undergo automatic control of compliance with the specified parameters during the production process — functionality, insulation condition, behavior at high voltage are tested. The AC-1204 Air MKII cable uses a copper wire of four (2×2) cores with a cross section of 2×1. 5 mm2. The novelty has received protection class 1 and is CE certified. The AC-1204 Air MKII power cable is manufactured in Germany in standard lengths from 1 to 3 m.

In Europe, a meter-long In-akustik AC-1204 Air MKII cable with SCHUKO C15 connectors will cost 850 euros.

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