Chord Company SignatureX Power cable: Aray signature geometry and oversized OFC stranded conductors

Chord Company has unveiled SignatureX Power power cable using proprietary Aray technology, which provides a special wire geometry to reduce interference.

In addition to Aray, the manufacturer has focused on the latest generation XLPE insulation, oversized oxygen-free copper stranded conductors and silver-plated IEC connectors. The outer cover was made of PVC.

New Chord Company SignatureX Power cable

Chord Company SignatureX Power cables are available in modifications from 1m, 1.5m, 2m & 3m. At the request of the customer, the company can make a cable of an individual length and with the desired type of connection (for Europe, Australia or the USA).

All Chord Company SignatureX Power cables are handcrafted at Chord’s Wiltshire factory. In the UK, the SignatureX costs £1,000 (1m UK RRP), additional metres add £500.

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