TAGA Harmony TAV-607F, TAV-C and TAV-S speaker Set: power-reserve speakers in second-generation TLIE-I cabinets

The Polish company TAGA Harmony has released a set of three models of acoustics: floor speakers TAV-607F, central channel system TAV-C and two-way compact TAV-S, which are used as satellites of AV-complexes. The company called the new products an example of a completely new approach to design and sound. The components went on sale both as a set and separately.

All these acoustics are assembled in TLIE-I (Taga Low Interference Enclosures) 2nd generation enclosures. As stated, their walls are thicker, the internal struts are stronger. The cabinets of increased rigidity are supplemented with a modified damping filler.

TAGA Harmony TAV-607F TAV-C and TAV-S speaker Set

The speakers have also been upgraded. The inch-long silk tweeter received an enlarged magnet and a powerful ferrofluid-cooled sound coil. The tweeter was equipped with a TWG-I waveguide (Taga WaveGuide) — also of the 2nd generation. The shape of the small horn was changed, expanding the directional pattern.

TAGA Harmony TAV-607F TAV-C and TAV-S speaker Set

The mid-range speaker and the 165 mm bass player, which are installed in the TAV-607F floor-mounted speakers, as well as the 4-inch (102 mm) woofer working in the TAV-C and TAV-S speakers, received lightweight polypropylene diffusers.

TAGA Harmony TAV-607F TAV-C and TAV-S speaker Set

These drivers are equipped with enlarged sound coils with reinforced magnets and elastic rubber external suspensions. All this added a margin of power to the systems.

Floor stands with front-facing phase inverters are equipped with newly developed nylon supports (in the design of older models) and aluminum spikes.

The TAV-S surround sound system includes wall mounts. The new items are available in five finishes: black, wenge, oak, walnut and white. The front panels of the speakers are decorated with the TAGA Harmony logo.

TAGA Harmony TAV-607F TAV-C and TAV-S speaker Set

The recommended retail price of the three TAGA Harmony TAV models in Europe, including 20% tax, was 375 euros per pair for the TAV-607F 375 floor lamps, 105 euros per pair for the TAV-S surround speakers, and 85 euros per piece for the TAV-C central channel speakers. A set of five speakers will cost 500 euros.

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