Gallo Acoustics ProfileSub: Low-profile wall-mounted subwoofer for music and entertainment

The Gallo Acoustics ProfileSub is a 180mm deep low profile model. As conceived by the creators, this sub is well suited for installation on a wall or under furniture. The company has provided for installation in a horizontal or vertical position. The manufacturer also noted that the ProfileSub is acoustically separated from the wall and the vibrations it generates are beneficial.

In terms of sound and performance, the ProfileSub has a 150-watt digital amplifier that powers an 8-inch long-throw woofer with a polypropylene cone and NBR surround. This combination made it possible to play out bass with frequencies up to 32 Hz.

Gallo Acoustics ProfileSub

According to Gallo Acoustics, the sub is equally well suited for use in both music systems and DC systems. To tailor the sound to the room, the model was equipped with adjustable level and crossover switches, phase step control and an auto-on power switch. The controls in the ProfileSub subwoofer are located on the front panel.

Gallo Acoustics ProfileSub

The new subwoofer is primarily designed to complement Gallo Acoustics’ speakers, the company says – from the classic Micro to the Strada 2 Reference, the ProfileSub must “work in perfect harmony” with these systems.

Gallo Acoustics ProfileSub

The closed body material was made of MDF. The ProfileSub weighs 10.5 kg. The manufacturer offered black and white colors. The grill grate can be black or gray.

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