Polk Audio Signature Elite Acoustic: Terylene tweeters and mica-reinforced cones

Polk Audio introduced the Signature Series five years ago – and now it’s time to upgrade. “We decided to take a great line of speakers and make it even better,” said Frank Sterns, president of Polk Audio. And so a new line called Signature Elite was born.

Signature Elite is a collection of speakers that are Hi-Res Audio certified. It allows you, for example, to create home theater systems that are compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Polk Audio Signature Elite

The lineup includes three floorstanding towers, two center channel speakers (thin and full-size), two shelf models, and a wall-mounted speaker that can be used as a surround sound speaker and as a speaker for the “upper” channels.

Polk Audio Signature Elite

According to Polk Audio, all eight Signature Elite models feature Dynamic Balance optimized bass and midrange drivers with mica reinforced polypropylene cones.

In the high frequencies, the terylene dome tweeters come into play. Their range is approximately twice that of the human ear.

Polk Audio Signature Elite

Optimized crossovers distribute the frequency bands between the Signature Elite speakers. In addition, virtually all Signature Elite speakers are equipped with the Signature Elite’s proprietary Power Port phaso inverters.

The enclosures have been reinforced to improve acoustic inertness. The manufacturer has promised that the Signature Elite speakers will be more sensitive, more “amp-friendly” and undoubtedly more pleasing in sound.

Polk Audio Signature Elite

In the U.S. prices for Polk Audio Signature Elite speakers are already known: floor models ES50, ES55 and ES60, respectively – $350, $450 and $500 apiece. “Upper” (surround) module ES10 – $250 per pair, compact ES15 and ES20 shelf speakers – respectively, $300 and $400 per pair, thin system of the central channel ES35 – $400, full-size ES30 – $300.

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