Bluetooth vibrating column Blade: bone conduction principle and slim body

The Chinese company Bocoice has posted the Blade project on Kickstarter. This is a thin wireless speaker (Bluetooth 5.0) with dimensions that do not exceed the dimensions of a small mobile phone (however, the company did not indicate the exact data). It may well work in a shirt pocket, but it is much more interesting to place it on any more or less rigid surface. Then the sound of Blade will be complemented by low frequencies and will become truly full-size.

Bluetooth vibrating column Blade

The Blade developers announced that the novelty uses the principle of bone conduction. That is, the sound emitting system in the Blade is capable of transmitting vibration to the support surface, making it a low frequency emitter. For this, a vibration-transmitting disc is placed on the back of the device.

The blade can be placed even on an inclined plane, and to prevent the speaker from slipping, a silicone suction cup is included. Also, the novelty will be equipped with a USB-C cable for charging, a wrist strap and “nano-stickers” that will allow you to change the design of the speaker to the taste of the owner.

Bluetooth vibrating column Blade

A month before the end, the Blade project has already raised $1,310 on Kickstarter out of the $5,159 needed to launch it. If the amount is collected in full and on time, the finished Blade is planned to be sent to future owners in January. The minimum deposit to receive one Blade Kit is $30.