Bandcamp has launched paid online concerts

The modern musician is primarily fed by concerts, and with them during a pandemic it is not easy: offline events cannot be held, because either it is forbidden or they are afraid to go to them, and for some reason online concerts are often free. If nothing can be done offline, then you can change it online: the same Bandcamp, for example, offered to hold online concerts for which tickets are sold. Paid – for money.

The service is called Bandcamp Live – it is designed to simplify the interaction of performers with listeners and help listeners more transparently and directly support the performer financially. The new functionality is fully integrated with Bandcamp and easy to manage.

A mention of the start of the concert is sent to all subscribers of the performer, buying a ticket is simple, since most of the listeners have already entered data for payment on the service. There is also a chat in which listeners can discuss the concert and chat with the performer. Various merchandise is also offered there.

Bandcamp itself takes 10% from each ticket, but until March 31, the service can be used free of charge – and the performer will receive the entire amount from the tickets. In the pandemic, Bandcamp also began to conduct Bandcamp Fridays: one day a month, the service abandons its profits and thus helps performers to get another 35 million US dollars, plus the 126 million that listeners paid.

Bandcamp says streaming won’t replace live performances anyway, but it’s a powerful tool for artist-listener interaction during these challenging times.