TT-90 System: a concept of a wall-mounted turntable controlled via smartphone

The TT-90 System, a wall-mounted record player invented by the Swedish designer Oscar Olsson, is unusual not only because of its special design, but also because it can be controlled via a smartphone. In fact, the creator of the TT-90 wanted to see how old technology was compatible with the new.

The designer, in his own words, was inspired by the vertical LP-players of yesteryear. But Olsson went a step further by thinking of placing the turntable on the wall.

TT-90 System

The TT-90’s base-mount is made of steel, the record is held by a special clamp holder, the tone arm is made of carbon fiber, and the control unit has buttons and controls (in addition to control through the app). The turntable motor supports three rotation speeds, and there is also a tonearm counterbalance setting.

TT-90 System

The turntable will be protected from vibration by special rubber pads that are installed between the mount and the wall.

TT-90 System

It is not yet known whether there will even be a physical prototype of the TT-90 and whether it will go on sale – or whether it will remain a concept.

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