Updated series Canton GLE acoustics: titanium drivers in a modernized design

The German company Canton GLE has updated the GLE series of acoustics. In different versions, it has existed for about 20 years. In this generation, the mid and bass drivers in the GLE models have received titanium cones. Titanium surpasses aluminum in terms of the stiffness / weight ratio, and the increased viscosity enhances its anti-resonance properties.

An additional addition to the sound quality is intended to provide the proprietary concept of a solid cone, which is a single surface without sharp bends or transitions. This adds stability to the diffusers, according to Canton. GLE acoustics received improved terminals that accept cables with a cross section of up to 10mm.

Updated series Canton GLE: titanium drivers in a modernized design

In the latest iteration, the GLE series is versatile and versatile. It includes floor, shelf and wall speakers. Not forgotten about the center channel systems and overhead sources Dolby Atmos. There are also three models of smart speakers Smart GLE – active wireless systems with remote control. In addition to the GLE series, three Power Sub series subwoofers are available: Models 12, 10 and 8.

Updated series Canton GLE: titanium drivers in a modernized design

All Canton GLE acoustics this time are complemented by oval-shaped grills with magnetic mounts. Black grills are combined with a matt lacquered surface of 22 mm front panels and a film of the same color on the sides. The Canton GLE speakers are available in three finishes: black, white and macassar veneer. There are no regional prices yet.

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