Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini speakers updated

Polish company Cube Audio has announced the release of the second version of its Nenuphar Mini floor standing speakers. They are described by the company as “The most advanced drivers ever combined with very effective TQWT enclosure”. With a power of up to 40W, the new product demonstrates an efficiency of 91dB and a frequency range from 36Hz to 18kHz with an unevenness of 6dB.

At the same time, the main advantage of this broadband acoustics is the absence of “crossover” distortions, which are inevitable in multiband speakers, in addition, the sound is close to the characteristics of a point source – the “holy grail” of coaxial systems. It is clear that the Nenuphar Mini 2 go well with tube amplifiers, as their manufacturer has mentioned more than once.

Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini 2

The speakers are still based on the proprietary Cube Audio F8 Neo speaker. This is a modern broadband, the sensitivity of which is due to a set of cylindrical neodymium magnets combined with high assembly accuracy. The manufacturer promised the Nenuphar Mini 2 “even better control, increased bass and even more natural tonal balance”.

Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini 2

The cost of Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini 2 acoustics can be found out by contacting the manufacturer directly. The previous version of the Nenuphar Mini in the UK will cost £10,250.

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