HECO BellaDonna: the tradition of the firm in an audiophile rack version

The German company HECO positions its BellaDonna bookshelf speakers as acoustics for true audiophiles. The brand’s traditional technology can be traced back to a set of drivers recently created for this model.

First of all, it is a tweeter with a silk compound diaphragm with a diameter of 30mm – in a massive aluminum front panel with Fluktus geometry. The speaker received a powerful double magnetic system. It covers the range from 2.6 (limited by the crossover) to 52kHz.

HECO BellaDonna

The woofer was equipped with a traditional HECO cone made of branded kraft paper with a POC (Phase Optimization Cap) dust cap and a rubber external surround. Basket – cast aluminum. A copper-clad aluminum wire is wound and a voice coil CCAW with a diameter of 32 mm. The magnet system and internal suspension form a symmetrical structure.

Together, the HECO BellaDonna drivers deliver a rated power of 150W at a sensitivity of 91dB, with a lower limit of 28Hz, according to the firm. Internal wiring is pure oxygen-free copper.

HECO BellaDonna crossover

The HECO BellaDonna crossover features phase optimization. The manufacturer claimed audiophile components with tight tolerances – for example, high-quality custom-made film capacitors are in the signal path.

The speakers have switching of the treble level in two positions: “linear” or “+2 dB”. A band-by-band connection is provided, and the jumper speaker cable terminals accept conductor cross-sections up to 10 mm².

HECO BellaDonna

The HECO BellaDonna bass reflex cabinet is made of MDF up to 25mm thick with a matt silver finish on the bezel and cherry veneer on the sides. The grill covers the entire front panel and is supported by invisible magnetic clips. The speakers are complemented by 64 cm high stands.

The European price for the HECO BellaDonna speaker set with stands was 5,000 euros.

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