Replaceable aluminum sub-disc released for LP-players of Pro-Ject Debut Series

The Debut series of turntables from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has become one of the most popular in the company’s catalog. These turntables are positioned by the manufacturer as relatively inexpensive and at the same time technological products for music lovers and audiophiles. From time to time Pro-Ject improves the series by releasing modifications of the turntable with optimized equipment.

The company recently introduced a new accessory that may be of interest to owners of Debut players. We are talking about the aluminum sub-disc Debut Aluminum Sub Platter, which, according to the manufacturer, will be able to bring the quality of the player to a new level.

Pro-Ject Debut Series

Previously, all Debut sub-discs were made of plastic, but Pro-Ject engineers decided that an upgrade would not hurt: an aluminum sub-disc weighing 700 g should provide more accurate and smoother operation, reduce vibrations, noise and resonances. All this should have a positive effect on music reproduction.

Pro-Ject Debut Series

In addition, the company felt that the Debut Aluminum Sub Platter appearance would add elegance to the turntables.

The novelty has already gone on sale in Europe at a price of 130 euros.

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