Pure Emotion 1.0 speakers: beryllium diaphragms in horns and woofers in drapery

Floor acoustics Pure Emotion 1.0 is designed for rooms with an area of at least 30 sq. m. And you need to listen to these speakers from a distance of at least 3.5 m. A few more numbers: these floor lamps operate in the range from 18 to 23,000 Hz with an unevenness of -6 dB and a sound pressure of up to 120 dB. The height of each is more than two meters.

This speaker was designed by Axel Wurm, the leader of the German company Pure Emotion Audio and a great admirer of horn systems. Made by hand from a combination of aluminum, plastic and wood, a horn with a diameter of more than 70 cm adorns the central part of each of the two speakers. Inside is a 1.5-inch custom driver with a beryllium diaphragm.

Pure Emotion 1.0 speakers

For low frequencies in Pure Emotion 1.0, four 12-inch OEM bass players with composite neodymium magnetic systems are responsible. They process 1,200 watts of power each. The horn driver got up to 250 watts. The sensitivity of this acoustics is stated at 108 dB.

The manufacturer recommended forming the signal for these speakers with a proprietary DSP, which can be supplemented with an optional streamer, as well as using proprietary Pure Emotion Power AMP amplifiers that produce 1.2 kW per channel in the lower range, and Pure Emotion Pre & Horn Amp with original analog volume control.

Pure Emotion 1.0 speakers

At the request of the future owner, the horn can get any finish — up to the coating with gold leaf. The fabric draping the cabinets can also have any color. Replacing the fabric can dramatically change the design of Pure Emotion 1.0. Periodic washing will also not be a problem.

The European price of Pure Emotion 1.0 speakers starts at 75,000 euros.

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