Elac announces Solano Speaker Series with JET5 Tweeters

Elac has expanded its product range with three Solano series speakers. According to the manufacturer, all three speakers were created primarily to work as part of a single multi-channel system. This is expressed not only by the technical features of the speakers, but also by their uniform style.

It is also not forbidden to use the acoustics separately (in pairs): both the BS 283 and FS 287 floor lamps are fully ready to work in standard two-channel stereo. The CC 281 central channel column can also be used independently if desired.

Elac Solano Series

All Solano models are based on the company’s proprietary emitters. Here we used JET5 tape tweeters, and midrange / woofer speakers with sandwich diffusers (aluminum and cellulose) AS-XR.

In the BS 283 and FS 287 models, the phase inverters are directed downwards. This feature is designed to simplify the placement of columns. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer has provided biwiring and biamping.

Elac Solano Series

All the characteristics of the new speakers are already known. The floor model FS 287 is made according to a 2.5-band scheme (one tweeter and two woofers of 150 mm each), the claimed range extends from 30 Hz to 50 kHz, the sensitivity was 87 dB. The height of the column is 985 mm, and it weighs 19 kg.

The BS 283 shelf system received one 150 mm woofer and one tweeter. The frequency range is from 41 Hz to 50 kHz. Sensitivity — 85 dB. The weight of one column was 8 kg, the height-331 mm.

Elac Solano Series

Finally, the acoustics of the CC 281 central channel received the same set of emitters as the floor model, but the indicators are slightly different: sensitivity — 87.5 dB, low-from 34 Hz. The column width was 500 mm with a weight of 12 kg.

All three Solano series speakers are due to hit the market at the end of February. For Europe, the following prices were indicated for one column (not for a pair): 800 euros for BS 283, 1,500 euros for FS 287 and 1,200 euros for SS 281.

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