Nova Audio H1: earrings with pearls

Electronics manufacturers continue to experiment with the headphone format. So the German company Nova Audio has launched the H1 model – earrings on Kickstarter. We talked about the project back in October, but now it has gotten to crowdfunding and is overgrown with details.

The headphones are attached to the earlobe. All electronics are enclosed in a natural pearl housing and, thanks to patented directional sound technology, feeds music directly into the ear canal. In addition to the emitters, two microphones are also integrated into each earring for voice transmission during calls.

Nova Audio H1

According to the developers, the main charm of their headphones is their stealth. No one will suspect they are a high-tech device, and you can walk in them even all day, only occasionally using the functionality of headphones.

On the back of the H1 housing are buttons for activating voice assistants, answering calls and controlling playback. The case itself is made of silver and is protected from water and sweat according to the IPX4 standard.

Nova Audio H1

The model is available in two versions: in the form of clips for those who have not pierced ears, and in the format of studs. Headphones are connected to sources via Bluetooth 5.0. The battery will last for 3 hours of continuous operation, and the company paid special attention to the ultra-sleep mode, which the headphones will go to when not in use. This will keep them charged, and the battery in H1 can be replaced over time. With the complete case, another 20 hours of recharging are available.

Nova Audio H1

The project planned to raise 42,000 euros on Kickstarter, but has already raised almost 70,000 euros. There are 28 days left until the end of the campaign, and headphones can be purchased for 295 euros. Ready-made headphones will be sent out in September.

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