Falcon Acoustics Q7 Assembly Kit: LS3/5a loudspeaker with modern additions

The British company Falcon Acoustics has resumed the production of a set of mini-monitors of the Q7 series Complete@Home-an analogue of the legendary LS3/5a monitors developed for the BBC a little less than half a century ago. According to the company, this set of parts exactly repeats the kit designed by Malcolm Jones (Malcolm Jones), which was sold by Falcon for many years. Recall that the company is famous for various versions of LS3/5a.

This time, buyers who know how to hold a screwdriver in their hands will receive cases made of Baltic birch plywood made in Italy. It is noted that their internal volume, and hence their dimensions, are slightly increased. This will add an extra 2 dB in the low-pass area. Fabric grills are also slightly different from authentic ones — they have received magnetic retainers.

Falcon Acoustics Q7 Assembly Kit LS3-5a loudspeaker

In the cases, you will need to install matched pairs of branded B110 Bextrene Cone bass speakers and T27 tweeters with mylar membranes. The same speakers were installed in the Falcon LS3/5a models. The Falcon 23.2 crossover, designed by Malcolm Jones, will need to be connected to the speakers. As a result, the impedance of the Q7, like that of the LS3/5a, is 15 ohms.

Falcon Acoustics Q7 Assembly Kit LS3-5a loudspeaker

After two hours, which, according to Falcon Acoustics, should take the assembly, the buyer of the kit will become the owner of the mini-monitors Q7 in a natural walnut or rosewood finish, almost exactly repeating the design and sound of the original LS3/5a. Screwdrivers for assembly are included.

Falcon Acoustics Q7 Assembly Kit LS3-5a loudspeaker

In the UK, a tax-free Falcon Acoustics Q7 speaker assembly kit will cost £830.

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