The combined JansZen Valentina electric stats are available in active and passive versions with 8-inch bass speakers

The American company JansZen Audio has updated its combined Valentina acoustics with an index of “8”. The updated model is released in two versions: Valentina A8 – active and Valentina P8 – passive. Both systems are promised deeper bass, clarity, and an extended stage. The active system received additional features, functions, and a remote control. Externally, the models are almost identical.

The architecture and design of the Valentina 8 version are unchanged — it is a double electrostatic panel with controlled dispersion, installed in a closed case of a meter height. Two 8-inch woofers have been added at the top and bottom. According to JansZen, this configuration partially compensates for reflections from the floor and ceiling.

JansZen Valentina

The front emitters are complemented by a domed silk tweeter on the outer side wall of each speaker. Its level is smoothly adjustable. The producer assured that this way you can add some spatiality to high-quality, but not too “atmospheric” recordings — or just raise the high frequencies for those who listen to the speakers standing up or from the next room.

In addition, the active Valentina A8 can be supplemented with the SE (Sound Everywhere) module, resulting in two tweeters directed to the sides and one to the back. According to the developers, this will allow you to bring ” air ” to the sound and expand the stage, getting a completely different sound.

In the basic version, the active speakers of the Valentina A8 are equipped with 500-watt amplifiers. On the back panel of each of them there are five inputs: balanced and unbalanced analog, as well as three digital. The device will automatically select the input to which the signal is applied.

JansZen Valentina

From the remote control, you can control not only the volume: there are three options for the bass section to compensate for the distance from the walls, the input selector and the transition to standby mode.

In the US, the passive speaker JansZen Audio Valentina P8 will cost at least $9,250, and the active model Valentina P8 – $12,750. The optional SE add-on for the Valentina P8 will cost $1,600.

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