Heinz Lichtenegger (Pro-Ject) shared tips for improving the vinyl system

Heinz Lichtenegger, head of Pro-Ject, shared ten simple ways to improve the sound of a vinyl system in a short video. He talked about various accessories that will help you achieve a better performance from the vinyl player.

According to Lichtenegger, Pro-Ject always tries to design turntables so that the user can first add something to them and help them sound better, and not immediately run for a new player. Of course, the tips of the head of Pro-Ject primarily relate to the technology of this brand, but in most cases they also apply to any other players.

The first element that should be updated, Heinz called the cartridge: with its help, you can significantly change the dynamics and improve the frequency range of the system. He then recommended paying attention to the cables. Mats and clamps are also important elements that improve the interface of the plate with the support disk.

The design of some players allows you to change the reference discs and even the subdisks, which in some situations can lead to noticeable improvements in sound due to greater mass and greater acoustic inertia. Special attention should also be paid to how stable and stable the player is located — for this you can use both special stands-racks for turntables, and wall mounts.

And do not leave aside the food. The complete power supply can be replaced with a model with a better grounding, as well as a device that additionally filters the current.

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