B.audio DACs of the EX version: advanced network functionality, DSP and SJR anti-jitter

The “EX” index added to the model names of the French company B.audio means “extended”. This upgrade touched upon the capabilities and functions of the company’s digital audio components. In particular, the B.dac EX DAC is supplemented with network capabilities: compatibility with UPnP, MPD, LMS, NAA, Roon, Airplay and Spotify protocols.

The new product works with streaming services Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and others through compatible iOS and Android apps. The device works with PCM up to 384 kHz and native DSD up to 256 DSD.

B.audio DACs of the EX version

Audio data from the streaming inputs is processed using B. audio’s patented SJR jitter removal technology — and, according to the company, the source jitter is completely neutralized. In addition, the 64-bit DSP built into the EX model will provide parametric sound correction and is supplemented with automatic volume adjustment.

B.audio DACs of the EX version

The B. dac EX feature set is also added to the B. DPR EX DAC preamp and is available in the B.audio One Series digital components.

B.audio DACs of the EX version

In Europe, the B.dac EX model will be available from February 1 at a price of 13,200 euros, the B.dpr EX will cost 16,900 euros, and prices for the B.dac one EX models start at 8,590 euros.

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