DAC Vincent DAC-1MK: ESS 9038 chipset, balanced output and separate power supply for digital and analog circuits

The German audio brand Vincent has improved its DAC-1 DAC by releasing the DAC-1MK to replace it. The new product supports DSD 256 via USB and is ready to process PCM with a maximum resolution of 32 bit / 384 kHz.

To do this, we had to replace the BurrBrown PCM1796 chipset used in the previous version of the DAC-1 with an ESS 9038, supplemented by a fully balanced output circuit with RCA and XLR outputs. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the analog part uses components from selected manufacturers like WIMA and Nichicon.

Vincent DAC-1MK

The novelty is ready to receive signals with a maximum resolution of 24 bit / 192 kHz for optical and coaxial inputs. Like the older model DAC-7, the DAC-1MK used a transformer with two output windings, one of which provides power to the analog circuitry and the other to the digital circuit of the device. According to Vincent, this reduced interference and improved signal dynamics.

Vincent DAC-1MK

DAC Vincent DAC-1MK was released in black or silver color. In Germany, the novelty will cost the buyer 850 euros.