Stylish Tone Factory turntables: successful crowdfunding campaign and launch of sales

Austrian startup Tone Factory, in collaboration with Pro-Ject engineers, decided to create a turntable that would allow beginners to seamlessly integrate into the vinyl theme, while still combining ease of use with a stylish look.

First, they launched a Kickstarter campaign, which turned out to be very successful, and now they finally sent all the devices to those who supported the project – they had to delay due to the pandemic.

Tone Factory turntables

Compared to other entry-level turntables, the turntable has a narrower and deeper, square-shaped table. An aluminum cylindrical base is hidden under the square MDF slab, in which the engine, Bluetooth module and phono stage are located. All buttons are hidden on the inside of the square slab.

Tone Factory turntables

A hole for the platter is milled in the table almost to the full thickness: it is recessed flush with the table level. The turntable has a belt drive with a subdisk. There are two rotation speeds available: 33.3 and 45 revolutions – the speed switch is also located under the table.

Tone Factory turntables

The straight arm, like the cartridge, is co-developed with Ortofon. In this case, the cartridge cannot be replaced. The turntable can also be ordered with an acrylic dust cover.

Everything is collected in a factory in the Czech Republic. The players will soon be available for sale and on the official website. The cost of a turntable without a dust cover in Europe will be 249 euros, with a cover and RCA cables – 328 euros.