Spindr’s Garrard 301 turntable update: metal table and tapered bearing

A year ago, we talked about the Spindr company, which decided to update the legendary Garrard 301 turntable. Then the development of the elements was still in progress, but now the company has completed it and presented the novelty to the public.

According to Spindr, the update aimed to preserve the Garrard 301’s sound character, drive, power and dynamics, while at the same time improving the technical characteristics of the device. The company is ready to update any Garrard 301 – as long as it has a serial number, engine and mechanism.

Spindr's Garrard 301 turntable

The most noticeable element of the upgrade is the case: it is machined from a single piece of aluminum and finished in black lacquer. This housing is stronger and stiffer than the original, thereby reducing the negative effects of vibrations. It also has space for a tonearm and strobe pad.

The design of the bearing is based on the one used in the original 301: housing, cup, spindle. But the shape of the bearing has changed: now it is tapered and made of nickel-plated cast iron. According to the developers, this is an excellent material for a bearing – it absorbs vibrations well, including due to its considerable mass. However, there is also a separate vibration damping element deep in the bearing.

The spindle has a special coating to facilitate rotation, which also reduces the influence of vibrations. In this way, it is said, it was possible to achieve a constant rotational speed and reduce the load on the bearing and the motor. Underneath the coating itself is a layer of very tough and scratch-resistant material. Due to the precise fit of all elements in the bearing, a special highly refined oil had to be used.

Spindr's Garrard 301 turntable

The engine was handled with care: it can be installed not in the case itself, but in the base so that vibrations from it are not transmitted to the most important elements. The base itself is also made of nickel-plated cast iron.

The base of the turntable is made from a single piece of aluminum and provides vibration isolation with a solid mass and four acoustically damped adjustable feet. A layer of damping material is inserted both between the base and the base and between the base and the body. The base itself is finished in matt black.

The platter is larger, heavier and thicker. The disc is in direct contact with the spindle with a bronze bushing. A stroboscope was introduced into the design, and it does not depend on the frequency of the power supply: a signal with constant 50 Hz is generated specially for it, so that it works smoothly.

Spindr's Garrard 301 turntable

The arm plate is made of sugar maple, known for its proper resonance properties, and the holder is made of aluminum, and it is designed for a specific tonearm. All original elements of the player, which are preserved in this upgrade, are carefully examined by specialists, serviced, lubricated and adjusted.

The cost of the renovation in Europe was 10 490 euros excluding taxes (and 12 695 euros including taxes). It is possible that Spindr will soon be designing upgrades for other iconic players – in particular, Thorens 124 was mentioned in a Facebook post.