HiBy R8 portable player: MQA 16x rendering, UAT Bluetooth codec and custom OP02 amplifiers

In the family of music mobile gadgets from HiBy Music player R8 took the honorary flagship place. The updated HiByOS (this is still more likely not an OS, but a software add-on with a proprietary user interface) now works under Android 9.you can install any Android applications Here.

The system was supplemented by a 5.5-inch Full HD display under Gorilla Glass. The Snapdragon 660 chipset works with the Adreno 512 GPU, on Board-4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of ROM, there is a prospect to add up to 2 TB of memory to the SD slot.

Hiby R8

The player handles DSD512 and PCM 32 bit/768 kHz. As in the younger R6 model, the dual oscillators are synchronized with frequencies of 45.1584 and 49.152 MHz. For decoding music in the HiBy R8, the ak4497 dual DAC is responsible in combination with an audio channel of its own design, the custom OP02 operating systems of which are also created with the participation of HiBy.

Hiby R8

The R8 analog path also has four Elna SILMIC II audiophile capacitors, a dozen tantalum capacitors and 35 POSCAP TANTALUM polymer capacitors manufactured by Panasonic.

Four independent power supply circuits are provided with 18 LDO stabilizers with a high ripple suppression coefficient. The analog part is protected from interference by double shielding.

Hiby R8

According to HiBy, the R8 was the first portable player to support MQA rendering up to 16x. The novelty will be able to transmit and receive audio via dual-band Wi-Fi and two-way Bluetooth 5.0 (works both for reception and transmission).

Hi-Res Bluetooth UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codec developed by HiBy Music supports 192 kHz sampling rate and 1.2 Mbit/s bit rate for the first time in the industry. According to HiBy, it is also able to optimize its work for various musical genres.

Hiby R8

Headphones to the HiBy R8 can be connected in both balanced and unbalanced versions. It is claimed that with a power of more than 1,000 mW, the built-in amplifier will be able to cope even with high-impedance overhead full-size models. In the most severe case, you can turn on Turbo mode, in which the power supply voltage will increase at the hardware level. You can make it even louder.

The player is powered by a custom cobalt battery manufactured by ATL with a power of 38 W/h. It is fully charged in 5 hours. The black aluminum alloy body of the HiBy R8 is protected by a leather case. The kit also includes screen protectors and a USB charging cable.

In the US, the hiby R8 portable player will cost $1,900.

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