RecordingTheMasters and ThinkIndie Distribution to release seven cassette albums with player

Seven popular albums ranging from country rock to electronic reggae will be re-released by ThinkIndie Distribution, which has teamed up with RecordingTheMasters. The main feature is that, although it is the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, this music will be released exclusively on cassettes.

Under the RecordingTheMasters brand, the French company Mulann offers tape in various types and formats. It uses AGFA and BASF technologies in its production.

As for the release of seven cassettes, it will be complemented by the RecordingTheMasters B-1000 cassette player. This is a portable cassette recorder (there is even a built-in microphone), which, having a headphone output, is also able to play through the speaker on the front panel. It will go on sale under the slogan “Welcome to cassette culture!”

Equipped with a pair of AA rechargeable batteries, this unit will allow you to immediately start listening to tapes of Sturgill Simpson, Major Laser, Maren Morris, Lupe Fiasco and Kaelin Ellis, which RecordingTheMaster will release in collaboration with ThinkIndie Distribution.

The set will go on sale on April 30th, with no price announced yet. A separate player RecordingTheMasters B-1000 will cost 41 euros in Europe.

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