Sonos Radio HD: CD-Quality Music Streaming Service

In April of this year, Sonos launched its own streaming service in the form of online radio. In parallel, the Sonos Sound System radio station was launched. We wrote about all this earlier. Then, in the spring, the CEO of Sonosee Patrick Spence promised in every possible way to develop this direction.

The company kept its promise: the other day it became known about a new alternative version of Sonos Radio with lossless music quality. The service was named “Sonos Radio HD”. All tracks of own stations will be broadcast in 16 bit / 44 Hz (local radio stations will remain on the air at 128 kbps for now). Users will be able to flip through songs and control playback.

Sonos Radio HD

According to the company, no other online radio can boast this quality. In addition, Sonos has focused on new stations of its own. For example, a station with music and sounds for relaxation and sleep has already been launched.

Sonos also continued to develop partnerships with artists. Users were promised more copyright selections, interviews and various podcasts with interesting stories on musical themes.

Sonos Radio HD

Considering that Sonos speakers are becoming more popular, the company has a chance to bring its own service to the top of other popular streaming sites. All new devices from Sonos will receive native support for Sonos Radio HD, so there is a chance that the company will even overtake competitors within its ecosystem. Don’t forget that Sonos’ radio only works on its speakers.

The cost of a Sonos Radio HD subscription for one month in the US was $ 8. All newbies will be given one free month. So far, the service is only available in England and the United States.