Qobuz service updated subscription system and reduced prices

French music service Qobuz, positioned by its creators as an audiophile streaming platform, has updated its subscription system. All the offered tariffs have dropped a little – and now each of them will give access to Hi-Res. The changes affected both individual subscriptions and “family” ones.

Today Qobuz has two main pricing plans: Studio Premier and Studio Sublime. The former assumes CD quality and Hi-Res up to 24 bit / 192 kHz (FLAC). The second option will provide the same quality, but additionally allow you to download / buy songs and albums at discounted prices.

If the whole family needs access to Hi-Res (up to six people), then there are Premier Family subscriptions and, accordingly, Sublime Family.

As for the current prices, Studio Premier will be asked for 180 euros per year, and 20 euros per month. The Studio Sublime subscription costs 250 euros per year. Family subscriptions are significantly more expensive: €350 per year for Studio Premier Family and €500 for Studio Sublime Family per year.