Tidal will start streaming vinyl in the Mastered for Vinyl section

Music service Tidal has announced the creation of a new Mastered for Vinyl section that will allow all HiFi subscription holders to access vinyl streams.

According to representatives of the service, the idea of ​​”broadcasting vinyl” came from the rapper Jay-Z back in 2015, when he bought Tidal for $ 56 million. However, it took time and money to implement the plan. Fortunately, after Square bought out a majority stake from the rapper in March, the money to set up an “LP-player farm” was finally found.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, took Jay-Z’s idea well, noting that “listening to real vinyl on a smartphone is a music lover’s dream”.

Tidal will start streaming vinyl in the Mastered for Vinyl section

It is already known that users will be able to listen to records through Tidal without any time limits, however, service representatives warned in advance that “robotic DJs” will not always be able to serve all music lovers at the same time: the system may ask to wait their turn if all players are records or the robots are busy. The online service for remote testing of guitar pedals in real time Stompenberg FX works in a similar way (we wrote about it earlier).

Among other things, Tidal has announced plans to launch “vinyl video streams”. This option will be a free bonus to Mastered for Vinyl. The bottom line is that the user can not only listen to the record, but also watch how it spins.

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