Torqueo Audio Exclusive P10 Limited Edition: the only ready-to-sell copy of the exclusive turntable

Italian manufacturer Torqueo Audio has developed an exclusive P10 vinyl player. One of the features of the model is its uniqueness: in total, the company will release three copies of the turntable, but only one will be available for sale.

The design of the table uses the same principles of” modeling ” resonances as in other players of the company. The goal is “not to change or kill the harmonic richness of analog sound reproduction, thereby achieving an organic and realistic sound”.

Torqueo Audio Exclusive P10 Limited Edition

Allegedly, this was achieved thanks to a complex design that combines several different arrays of wood, metal elements and viscoelastic materials. The main material of the table is solid canaletto walnut, covered with six layers of varnish.

Torqueo Audio Exclusive P10 Limited Edition

The table stands on four legs made of a special antiresonance alloy of iron, magnesium, carbon and nickel. The stability of the system is also provided by the support disk made of pure copper.

Torqueo Audio Exclusive P10 Limited Edition

The T-PS100 power supply is placed in a separate enclosure for the same reason – to reduce the impact of mechanical vibrations. In addition, according to the company, the power supply provides the player with a “constant and sufficient” current and solves the phasing problem.

Torqueo Audio Exclusive P10 Limited Edition

Due to all these solutions, it was possible to significantly reduce the audibility of resonances in the mid-frequency range, improve the dynamic range and resolution in the entire audible spectrum. All the elements of the player, except the mechanics and the tonearm, are made by hand in Italy. The player weighs 45 kg and comes in a special wooden box.

The model is already available on Ebay: it can be purchased for 8,000 euros.

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